Smith Flat Animal Hospital

2012 Smith Flat Rd.
Placerville, CA 95667


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The Smith Flat Staff & Crew

See the Smith Flat crew hanging out with their furry friends at work!

Dr. Kennedy and Scout

Dr. Kennedy and his dog, Scout, sharing some quality time together between patient visits.

Who wants a treat?

Scout is always very focused ... as long as treats are on hand.

Behind the Counter

Misty, Tara, Big Tito and the rest of our staff are always happy to see you.

Tara and Big Tito

Tara spends a little time with her friend, Big Tito.

We're here to help.

Come to us with your questions and concerns. We'll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Time to Play!

Danielle and her puppy pal, Mallie, are here to play!

Visiting Friends!

Pet Pals, Shadow and Roo, come to visit Valerie at work!

Sniffing Around

Shadow and Roo are excited to play with Valerie today!

Jazzy's Lookin' Sharp!

Tara brings her furry pal to check out the back room.

What a Day!

Mallie is always happy to follow Danielle to the office!


Tara and Jazzy exchange kisses!